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Sunday, June 11, 2023

Tanker Blocks Suez Canal Traffic

A 52,579DWT tanker ship with a draft of about 10.70m (even keel) suffered a blackout during transit of the Suez Canal, at 133 KM today (15 February) at about 10:34 hours local time.

The vessel No.14 of a total of 21 in the Northbound Convoy. 13 vessels in front are unaffected. All Southbound Convoys have been detained until the tanker clears her position.

Suez Canal tugs were engaged immediately and are currently trying to escort the ship to Bitter Lakes (Ismailia).

No information about damages or pollution has been released.

UPDATE 13.24 hours Local Time:
The vessel has been refloated and is being escorted by three tugs to Great Bitter Lake. Southbound convoy and detained vessels expecting to resume transit shortly.

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