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Workshop “The Blue careers – challenges and opportunities”

On 27th February 2019 Marine Cluster Bulgaria organized a workshop “The Blue careers – challenges and opportunities”.

Representatives of the business, education and branch organizations related to the blue economy participated in the event. During the meeting, key results of the project MENTOR’ implementation were presented – a data base for maritime educational institutions and qualification centers in the Eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea region, online platform for searching opportunities for student and staff mobility in universities and colleges with courses in the blue economy, e-learning courses, introducing professions and requirements for educational degree, qualification and skills in the key blue sectors. Members of the project team shared their experience with organizing Blue Careers Days in Bulgaria and in the partner countries as Cyprus, Greece and Rumania. The focus of the event was a new established Blue Career Center – Bulgaria /BCC /which will continue the initiations of the Mentor project for attracting people to work in the blue economy. The participants discussed potential opportunities for co-operation between the BCC and business, education, NGOs with purpose to enhance the knowledge of youths for professions and career development in the blue sectors.

The team of MENTOR project thanked to all experts and companies for their contribution to initiatives of the project.

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