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​KR grants design approval to DSME’s SOLIDUS

Korean Register (KR) has formally granted design approval to DSME for DSME’s SOLIDUS LNG cargo containment system. A ceremony marking the design approval took place on 28 May at DSME’s Okpo shipyard in the presence of Jeong-kie Lee, CEO and Chairman of KR and Sung-Geun Lee, CEO of DSME.
DSME has worked with BASF, a German chemical company, to develop a high-performance and environmentally friendly insulation material in order to significantly lower the LNG boil-off rates. In addition, to prevent any LNG leakage from SOLIDUS, and to maximize the safety of the system, DSME has incorporated two metal barriers into the SOLIDUS.
As a leading shipbuilder for LNG carriers, DSME has been able to draw on its extensive accumulated production experience and has applied industry-leading technologies to the development of SOLIDUS. As a result, it is expected that the design of SOLIDUS will improve the productivity of the newbuild process as well as significantly reducing costs. DSME is testing SOLIDUS further through R&D projects, and discussions are underway for a newbuilding project equipped with SOLIDUS.
Sung-Geun Lee, CEO of DSME, said “With KR’s approval, DSME continues to remain in a leading position in the field of LNG technology. This is a big milestone for the market, offering the LNG carrier industry a significant and valuable additional option for LNG transportation industry. I am very proud that DSME’s pioneering spirit is leading the market in this way.”
“KR’s design approval of SOLIDUS, means that this cargo containment system offers a significant credible technological advantage to both the domestic and global shipping industry in this sector.” says Jeong-kie Lee, Chairman and CEO of KR, says. “KR will continue to provide technical services that support new developments and innovation like this, thereby encouraging sustainable growth for the future across the maritime industry.”
KR has extensive experiences and technical capabilities in the field of LNG cargo containment systems having developed standard designs and provided expert class services for MARK III, MARK III Flex, NO96 and KC-1.
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