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QUESTIONNAIRE on a language / languages of communication on the Danube

Currently, there is no regulation regarding the language used in radiocommunication on the Danube. From 1st July 2019 to 31st December 2024, the regulation from paragraph 6 of Article 4.05 of the General Provisions for the Navigation on the Danube (GPND) shall be in effect, under which, in order to commence radiocommunication between ship stations as well as between ship and coast stations, the language usually used in inland navigation for this sector shall be applied. Continuation of radiocommunication is allowed by mutual agreement in the language approved by both participants of communications.
From 1st January 2025 on the Danube, the following provisions of the Arrangement on the Radiocommunication Service for Inland Waterways (RAINWAT) would apply in relation to the language of radiocommunication, unless otherwise stated in the GPND:
– ship-to-port authorities: primarily the English language should be used. As fall back the language of the country in which the land stations are situated can be used;
– ship-to-ship: primarily the English language should be used for navigational purposes.
The results of this questionnaire shall contribute to the development of a DC’s recommendation regarding the need to clearly enshrine a language / languages of radiocommunication in the GPND, to find out which language / languages shall be used from 1st January 2025, and whether a regulation different from RAINWAT is required in this regard.
In answering some questions, there is an opportunity to provide several answers. If one of the questions does not concern you, please choose an option:


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