SSY strenghens big data capability through “Marine Benchmark” investment


Simpson Spence Young (SSY), the world’s largest independent shipbroker, has today (27 November 2019) announced that it is partnering with Gothenburg based tech company Marine Benchmark, a specialist in maritime data analytics. 

This new partnership will enhance and strengthen SSY’s client offering, as Marine Benchmark will bring a competitive advantage by providing expertise in statistical analysis across a wide range of maritime market data. Meanwhile SSY’s resources and reach will further strengthen Marine Benchmark’s presence in the global market for maritime research and data.

Mark Richardson, Chairman of SSY commented,

“We are entering a new era in shipping, where data technology and intelligence is becoming increasingly important. Big Data has a pivotal role to play, in everything from vessel design and fleet performance right through to cargo delivery and benchmarking the IMO’s CO2 emissions goals.  

Our collaboration with Marine Benchmark will utilise their expertise in this field, positioning SSY at the forefront of future machine learning and AI in shipping, supporting our brokers and adding value to our clients. We are very excited to be working with Marine Benchmark on this new venture and look forward to delivering the key benefits of detailed big data and real-time analytics to our clients.”

Börje Berneblad and Torbjorn Rydbergh set up Marine Benchmark in 2012, following long careers in shipping. The company has worked on numerous projects, most recently with Kongsberg Digital to provide data and applications to the Kognifai digital platform. Marine Benchmark’s global analytics platform contains a comprehensive range of vessel and voyage data derived from AIS, the shipping market and the financial industry. 

“This is a significant move for Marine Benchmark, and we are very pleased to join forces with Simpson Spence Young so that we can further develop our platform and extend our global market reach. Shipping offers up a vast quantity of data, and our passion is to continue creating ways to generate value and make it visible to our clients in a meaningful way.” Börje Berneblad, Vice President, Head of development, Marine Benchmark.

“Understanding what is happening at a granular level is key to making changes that can drive improvements across the shipping industry, and no matter what field you work in, be it a shipowner, trading house, shipyard, investor or financial institution, our global statistical platform can provide you with that information.” Torbjorn Rydbergh, Managing Director, Marine Benchmark.