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MOL to start trial of monitoring service for auxiliary marine machinery – aiming at safer operation with vibration sensor-based failure diagnostic technology

TOKYO—Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. today announced that it will launch a trial of a new monitoring service for auxiliary marine machinery, jointly developed with Asahi Kasei Engineering Corporation (President: Ryuji Kawano; Headquarters: Kawasaki-shi, Kawasaki) 

The service is based on the Vessel Vibration Visualization Monitor (V-MO), which measures vibrations in auxiliary machinery onboard a vessel (such as pumps that assist the main engine) and monitors its condition. This leads to earlier detection of potential failure resulting from abnormal vibration.

In a joint research project with Asahi Kasei Engineering on the use of vibration sensors to detect abnormalities in rotary machinery*1 which started in November 2017, the project team monitored different types of essential auxiliary marine machinery on two newbuilding vessels and another in-service vessel (targeting about 20 pieces of auxiliary equipment) over two years. The project showed positive effects in detecting early signs of failure that could result in an engine stoppage and in managing failure tendencies on the three vessels involved. Thus, MOL determined to start trial service with an eye toward practical application. 

MOL will also conduct trial services on 10 other various types of vessels (targeting about 80 pieces of auxiliary marine machinery) in addition to the above three vessels, verify the comprehensiveness of the vibration diagnosis technology, and confirm vessel-specific service content based on MOL’s expertise in vessel operation, maintenance, and ICT. 

Once the system is in practical use, it will be linked to MOL’s FOCUS project*2.

MOL aims at practical use by March 2021 after the trial service is completed; at that time, Asahi Kasei Engineering will offer the service to other shipping companies and ship management companies as well as MOL.
MOL positions this project as part of the “ISHIN NEXT – MOL SMART SHIP PROJECT –”*3, and the knowledge and expertise gained through the development of this technology will be fed back to various type of ships. The project also reflects MOL’s proactive stance in development of vessel-related Internet of Things (IoT) and safe operation technologies

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