Fincantieri has decided to further extend the work stoppage


Despite having already implemented all the necessary measures to ensure the safety of its employees, Fincantieri has decided to  further extend the work stoppage in all its Military and Cruise Vessels production plants and offices from March 30th until the date indicated in the decree of the President of the Council of Ministers adopted on March 22nd. This decision was made in consideration of the current COVID-19 situation,the need to continue contrasting the epidemiological phenomenon through stringent and incisive measures, and the dispositions set forth in the above-mentioned decree. 

To this end, Fincantieri and representatives of the national Trade Unions FIM – FIOM – UILM signed an agreement to guarantee continuity in production at the end of the stoppage.

In particular, the agreement sets forth that: 

• the Company shall apply for Ordinary Redundancy Fund for “COVID-19 Emergency”, at zero hours, for all employees of all Company sites, as of March 30th and for the entire stoppage period envisaged by the decree as of today’s date; 

• as an alternative to the Ordinary Redundancy Fund, employees may take accrued holidays/paid annual leave (PAL), with prior approval request;  

• during the period of time covered by the Ordinary Redundancy Fund, all maintenance and safety activities and essential servicing of plants and facilities shall continue, as shall also all managerial and management activities that are strictly necessary to fulfil the Company’s current obligations and to carry out all activities that are preliminary to resuming production; 

• the Company shall continue adopting smart work solutions where applicable, as determined by the specific work activities concerned and the availability of compatible IT equipment.  

Moreover, given the need to extend the work stoppage, the agreement redefines the type of economic compensation applied from March 16th to March 29th, 2020 (stoppage period). The agreement sets forth that instead of anticipating the regular two-week period of collective leave, employees will take holidays and/or PAL matured as of December 31st, 2019, and/or PAL hours matured in the year 2020, as envisaged in the current National Collective Labor Agreement. 

Employees with insufficient remaining holidays or PAL hours to cover the stoppage period, may request individually that other relevant tools (holidays matured in 2020, hour bank, recovery leave, etc.) be applied to cover the 80 hours of the period concerned. 

Lastly, in order to comply with the current product plan, the agreement sets forth that upon resuming the production activity, there will be no annual summer stoppage.  Individual accrued holidays will be authorized as scheduled at every worksite after taking into consideration relevant technical and production needs. 


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