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Newest eco Ultramax ship model by “Tsuneishi Shipbuilding”

Tsuneishi Shipbuilding released the details of the new model TESS66 AEROLINE on its website. This eco-ship realizes the largest class 66,200MT D/W of Ultramax category with Panamax breadth. It features the AEROLINE technology that reduces wind resistance, and also complies with EEDI Phase 3 regulations.

Spurred by an increase of cargo volume, ships in the shipping industry are increasing in size in pursuit of transportation efficiency per voyage. With enhanced demand in recent years to address global warming, the growth in size is accelerating from the perspective of reducing CO2 emissions per transportation unit as well.

TESS66 AEROLINE, the newest ship model of TSUNEISHI SHIPBUILDING’s long-selling TESS series (*1), achieves the largest class 66,200MT DWT of the Ultramax bulk carrier category to maximize transportation efficiency. Furthermore, its outstanding versatility ensures that customer convenience is not compromised as it maintains the Panamax breadth along with industry-standard depth.

With the features of fuel-efficiency and environmental performance, such as TSUNEISHI SHIPBUILDING’s proprietary AEROLINE technology that reduces wind resistance by approximately 20%, the ship complies with the CO2 emission regulations, EEDI (*2) Phase 3. The ship model has been refined for excellent fuel efficiency under all conditions, from shallow to full load draft.

Comment from Kazutaka Seki, Manager of Ship Planning Dept., Design Div.
“We hope this ship model will be a long-lasting favorite for its loading performance, fuel efficiency, environmental performances, and versatility that provide high added value to customers. We will continue to create globally-advanced products and provide ships that combine transportation efficiency with a reduced environmental burden.”


Principal particulars about TESS66 AEROLINE:
Length overall: 200m
Breadth: 32.25m
Depth: 19.15m
DWT: 66,200MT
Cargo Capacity: 81,500㎥
Draft: 13.8m
Gross Tonnage: 36,900

*1 TESS (Tsuneishi Economical Standard Ship) series: TSUNEISHI SHIPBUILDING’s bulk carrier brand that has evolved and increased in variation with over 500 ships completed since the first in 1984.

*2 EEDI: The Energy Efficiency Design Index is an International Maritime Organization (IMO) measure that ensures that new ships are designed and built to comply with CO2 reduction regulations. Bulk carriers are currently mandatory to reduce CO2 by a minimum of 20% (Phase 2); this requirement will be raised to 30% (Phase 3) or more from the reference line in 2025.

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