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Gemalink in Vietnam orders 6 eco-efficient semi-automated RTGs from Konecranes

Konecranes has won an order for 6 Konecranes Noell Rubber-Tired Gantry (RTG) cranes from Gemadept-Terminal Link CaiMep Terminal JSC (“Gemalink”) in Vietnam. The order, which was booked in June 2021, will be handed over to Gemalink by July 2022.

The Chairman of Gemalink, Mr. Do Cong Khanh, said: “Gemalink Port is operating smoothly with Konecranes container handling equipment. We received 18 Konecranes Noell RTGs in 2020 and early 2021. All of them have been performing well. When the new RTGs go into operation, we will operate a fleet of 24 Konecranes Noell RTGs.”

Despite the severe COVID-19 situation in 2020, all of the new equipment was smoothly commissioned and handed over on schedule. With 24/7 service support on-site from Konecranes’ distributor in Vietnam, Mipec Technologies, Gemalink has been pleased with the continuous operation of the Konecranes container handling equipment.

The Konecranes Noell RTGs on order are 16-wheel machines lifting containers 1-over-5, 7 container rows wide plus truck lane. They will be fully electric machines, equipped with cable reels for zero local emissions.

They will also be equipped with a number of Smart Features. Auto-steering will keep the RTGs on a pre-programmed, straight driving path. Stack Collision Prevention will help operators to lift, lower and place containers with a high degree of accuracy and safety. Auto-TOS Reporting will inform the TOS about every container movement in the yard in real-time so that the TOS can keep the inventory up-to-date. A Remote Crane Management System (RCMS) will also be included. In addition to the RTGs, Gemalink also uses Konecranes reach stackers and forklift trucks.

Jerry Fann, Sales Director Southeast and Northeast Asia, Konecranes Port Cranes, said: “Gemalink is a greenfield terminal that came into official operation in the beginning of 2021. The Konecranes Noell RTGs have offered reliable performance with low ground pressure to protect the new terminal. The Konecranes Smart Features have allowed Gemalink to increase container handling efficiency while reducing running costs. With this new order for 6 RTGs, Gemalink will maximize its capacity and contribute to the economic growth of Vietnam.”

Gemalink is a joint venture between Gemadept Corporation and CMA-CGM, in which Gemadept owns 75% and CMA-CGM owns 25%. It is among the top 19 ports in the world accommodating container megaships of 200,000DWT. Gemadept directly controls and manages the port including equipment investment. For over 30 years, Gemadept has been developing with the aim of becoming a leading corporation in Vietnam in the integrated port and logistics ecosystem. It is the sole joint enterprise in Vietnam that owns and operates a port and logistics network from the north to the south with 8 ports including the Gemalink deep-sea port, 19 distribution centers, an air cargo terminal, OOG cargo transport, shipping, cold chain logistics and auto-logistics.

A strong focus on customers and commitment to business growth and continuous improvement make Konecranes a lifting industry leader. This is underpinned by investments in digitalization and technology, plus our work to make material flows more efficient with solutions that decarbonize the economy and advance circularity and safety.

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