Ocean infinity: First Armada ship undergoes sea trials


The first Armada ship to roll off the production line is undergoing sea trials in Vietnam.

Designed for today’s tasks but with tomorrow’s in mind, these exceptionally fuel-efficient, onshore-controlled ships will initially only utilise a skeleton crew onboard.  In due course, they will be capable of working with no personnel offshore whilst also consuming solely renewable fuel such as ammonia.

The ship currently undergoing trials is part of the 78m class of Armada ships being designed and built by VARD, the international shipbuilding group headquartered in Norway. Following the on-schedule delivery of the ship, it will soon begin a transit to Norway where it will undergo fit out of its remote system. It will then begin integration with Ocean Infinity’s Remote Control Centre to enable lean-crewed operations for a range of maritime tasks, initially supporting offshore energy.

Watch the video for more information on Armada and the progress so far in bringing this robotic fleet to life.


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