Bureau Veritas developes an Audit Framework to verify environmental claims

Photo by Ömer Serdar Ören on Unsplash

Bureau Veritas has developed an Audit Framework and Gap Analysis service for the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact (CNDCP) in collaboration with the European Data Center Association (EUDCA) and Cloud Infrastructure Service Provider in Europe (CISPE). The framework will enable to assess and verify the compliance of data centers with the Pact’s Self-Regulatory Initiative (SRI), ensuring their sustainability and efficiency.

The CNDCP, made up of 80 data center companies and 22 associations, announced the launch of an Audit Framework companies can use to verify the environmental claims they make. The framework, verified against the EU Taxonomy, will ensure that companies making real progress toward the 2030 climate neutrality goal will be distinguished from those that are greenwashing.

BV designed this framework to help its data center owner and/or operator clients implement a compliance strategy aligned with various legislations: the EU Taxonomy, the EU Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) and the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). It is based on five pillars, in accordance with new EU guidelines and internationally standardized methodologies. These are reporting (minimum reporting consists of periodic written reports on energy consumption and environmental ranges), energy management, environmental management, asset management, and lifecycle assessment.

To simplify the compliance process and make it easier for our data center clients to implement change, Bureau Veritas has divided the compliance process into four key areas. These are utilization (across all critical infrastructure), sustainability (carbon footprint), efficiency (across all critical infrastructure) and reporting (monitoring and reporting of utilization, sustainability, efficiency, and related key performance indicators).

In addition, Bureau Veritas has developed a dedicated Gap Analysis service. A comprehensive report describes the position of the client’s operations and performance against the CNDCP requirements. The objective is to provide clients with a foundation for decisions, actions, and impacts for the future.


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