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Finger scanning tech introduced at DP World Antwerp

DP World has introduced pioneering fingerprint scanning technology at the Antwerp Gateway terminal to help improve security for container collection. Registered truck drivers can now collect their container by means of their fingerprint. 

In collaboration with NxtPort, the digital platform of Port of Antwerp-Bruges, DP World has successfully tested the Certified Pick up (CPu) software with Belgian logistics companies Katoen Natie and Van Moer at its Antwerp Gateway terminal. 

By introducing CPu, DP World is boosting the safety of container transport by removing outdated processes for identification and pick-up. Developed in response to the port community’s safety concerns, CPu pre-registers and vets truck drivers through Alfapass on NxtPort and allows them to collect containers at the DP World terminal when their fingerprints are matched via Alfapass to their container. The customs status of containers at Antwerp Gateway is also included in the CPU platform. 

Traditionally, containers at a terminal are accessed by means of a pin code, which risks multi-party handling and exposing containers to misuse. 

First successful pick up 

In March the first containers were successfully collected last week by means of CPu. This innovative technology will be used for all transporters in due course. 

Dirk Van den Bosch, CEO DP World in Antwerp, said: “The aim of the improvements we make to our terminal is always to ensure that we are servicing our customers and communities efficiently and safely, which means the smooth introduction of the latest innovative technology. By making our terminal processes, and in particular the collection of containers, more secure, we are living our values of social responsibility. 

“The success of our pilot project with Van Moer and Katoen Natie is the first step towards further rolling out CPu with all stakeholders and for all modes of transport in 2023. We are hopeful that the industry will see the benefits of increased security at container terminals and  introduce this technology throughout the entire logistics chain.” 

Antwerp Gateway is also adapting its systems so that in the future containers can be picked up by barge and train via CPu. 

Koen Breemersch, Acting CEO NxtPort, said: “In recent months we have worked intensively with, among others, DP World to implement more efficient container processes. For example, we have been able to arrive at improved container release messages with customs. DP World is now taking an important step and we are already looking forward to the roll-out of CPu for the collection of containers via barges and trains to make Antwerp Gateway completely PIN-free.” 

CPu was developed as a result of collaboration with all parties involved in container transport in the port community. Shipping companies, shipping agents, transport companies, terminals, forwarders, truck companies and inland shipping and rail operators were all involved in developing the technology. CPu for truckers is currently being implemented at select terminals, including Antwerp Gateway. Overall, almost 2000 companies have registered interest in obtaining CPu, and expansion plans include onboarding inland shipping and rail.

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