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Valenciaport recovers container traffic in March with growth in excess of double digit figures

According to advance data from the Port Authority of Valencia (APV), between 1st and 26th of March there was a positive change in trend. TEUs increase by 16.7% compared to the same period of 2022

Containers dedicated to export (+12.9%), import (+30.2%), transit (+10.3%) and empty (+26.3%) increased.

Since May 2022 there has not been a monthly increase in container traffic at Valenciaport, a month in which it grew by 0.22%.

In March 2023, Valenciaport’s most relevant traffic reflects double-digit growth in containers.

In addition, this beginning of the year has seen an increase in rail traffic, with 99 trains entering or leaving the Port of Valencia in the last few weeks

A positive change of trend in Valenciaport’s traffic which, after a few months with constant falls in the movement of containers which began in the second half of 2021, recorded double-digit growth in container traffic, both full and empty, between 1 and 26 March. The advance of the data of the Statistical Bulletin of the Port Authority of Valencia (APV) corresponding to these days of March – pending the report of the end of the month – reflects that, after bottoming out, traffic in this third month begins to show signs of recovery and a rebound effect begins to increase the movement of goods.

Thus, between 1 March and 26 March this year, Valenciaport has handled a total of 322,137 TEUs (standard 20-foot container), i.e. 46,070 more than in March 2022, representing a growth of 16.7%. Since May 2022, when the total number of containers grew by 0.22%, there has been no growth in this section.

This increase is also seen in all types of traffic operated by the Valencian precinct. Thus, containers full of cargo destined for export grew by 12.9% in the days counted in March, a symptom of the recovery in the activity of export companies in its area of influence. A total of 61,626 containers have been handled, 7,000 more than in the same period last year. Something similar occurred with full unloading containers (imports), which between 1 and 26 March grew by 30.2%.

In addition, it is worth highlighting in this advance of the Valenciaport data the recovery of TEUs dedicated to transhipment, one of the factors that has influenced in recent months in the decline of containers operated in the Valencian precinct. Thus, 144,079 transit containers have been operated this month, 10.3% more than in the same period of 2022. Likewise, the empty TEUs for loading and unloading handled on these dates have also risen by 26.3%.

These data once again place Valenciaport at a significant rate of growth after some complicated months marked by the fall in traffic, especially transhipment. The data for March – pending the final report – show that Valenciaport’s operations are returning to normal and are beginning to recover operations and traffic volume. A precinct that continues to hold a 40% share of the import/export quota of the Spanish port system.

Moreover, at the start of the year, the increase in goods arriving or departing by train should also be highlighted. In fact, during the first three months of this year, weeks with an average of 99 trains have been reached, compared to the 90 recorded in 2022 or the 80 on average in 2021.

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